Alexa Sinatore

Social Media Content Creator

About me // Resume

Professional Statement

As a social media content-creator, I seek to create exceptional brand awareness that drives business growth and achieves business goals through social media platforms. I strive to develop compelling, engaging and creative content through posts, blogs, articles, imagery, news releases, emails, corporate communications and various on-line media to promote product and service objectives. I pursue all aspects of marketing including creative development, media and event planning, and market research to drive results. I educate myself on all aspects of the organization to gain insight into the culture, goals, products and services to develop accurate and intriguing content. I accomplish these goals through use of my expertise with social media platforms, my excellent written and verbal communications skills, my innate sense of creative style and resourceful hard-working attitude.

I believe that effective communications through social media should create a memorable customer experience; along with thoughtful design and imagery to convey a compelling story. I promote communications that is developed with professionalism, respectful and integrity. I believe that all organizations should foster uniqueness, diversity and open-mindedness.

I value teamwork and employee engagement through corporate media platforms, as these are fundamental to a healthy organization, as well as reaching out in a positive way to potential new hires through social connections and recruiting platforms.

I promote a culture of community awareness, service and giving-back. I strive to continually learn and educate myself as technology and communication mediums are ever changing. I use my passion for style, design and creativity to improve, enhance and deliver value.

The balance of my creativity, strong work ethic, attention to detail and technical skills is the foundation of who I am; and drives the value and inspiration that I develop and deliver each day.

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