Alexa Sinatore

Social Media Content Creator


Documentary: Homelessness in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has one of the highest rates of poverty and homelessness in the country. In this documentary we wanted to show the good and bad parts of the city and bring awareness to these civic issues. I collaborated with a group to make this video and was in charge of recording and editing. I edited this project in Adobe Premiere Pro and the camera it was shot on was the Canon Rebel 6Ti.

Sound Design Project: "UP" the movie

The goal for this project was to recreate this movie scene from the movie "Up". We had to create orignial sound effects and dialouge using an audio recorder and a microphone. I edited this video with Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro.

My vision for the scene from UP was to create and demonstrate the deep sense of loss that the old man is experiencing after losing his best friend and the love of his life, his wife. My vision includes sadness, loneliness, deep loss and a sense of hopelessness. I have tried to achieve this through effective dialogue, music and sound effects. The overall big-picture sound design was meant to portray the old man trying to perform his daily routine, however the drudgery and pain shines through every aspect of the morning ritual. This routine ends on the porch building up to the final scene of sitting on the porch; wishing for the past and trying to save the remaining elements of his life; his house.

Awareness Poster

a picture of a homeless man sleeping on a bench with the words I am not homeless; this is my home written on the picture

This project was in collaboration with the documentary above. We had to create an awareness poster for the social cause that we were passionate about. To explain the poster, my goal was to create a moving image that would grab peoples attention. The stigma around homelessness is a major problem in our society and people disreguard that the streets are home to some people. We are trying to get people off the streets and into shelters or other living spaces but the streets are still home to many. The streets and the people who call the streets their home should be respected. I created this poster with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.